Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Top Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Update List:

Here are some important Google algorithm updates.

Fritz (Summer 2003)
Florida (November 2003)
Austin Update (Jan 2004)
The Sandbox (April 2004)
Bourbon (May 2005)
Big Daddy (October 2005)
Supplemental (Jan 2007)
Paid Links (October 2007)
Dewey Update (Mar 2008)
Vince / Brand (March 2009)
May Day (May 2010)
Caffeine (June 2010)
Scraper Filter (Jan. 2011)
Panda (February 2011)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Top Link Building Processes

Link Building is an expert techniques and strategies that allow a website to have inbound links or back links from other websites. Link Building is an important factor of SEO that website visibility is near impossible without this important segment.

Advantages of Link Building:

1. Link Building helps in getting Page Rank for the website and also helps in getting quality traffic from relevant sites which increases sales.

2. The website becomes valuable resource when there will be high quality incoming links.

3. Link building helps in creating visibility, awareness and credibility of your site.
4. The site also obtains wider search engine exposure.
5. Link building process is also helps the website get indexed by search engines.
You can avail multiple Link Building techniques:

Directory Submissions: A website is listed under category in an online directory. This is the one type of one-way link building process. Need to find out the themed quality directory sites and get listed into it.

Reciprocal Link Building: This is the two way/cross linking process. It is a where a site exchanges links with a relevant high ranking site as a way to improve visibility in the search engines and increase page rank.

Regional/Local Directory Submission: If you want to get traffic in your local area you have to list your business in Local directories. To provide service in particular local area you have to submit your site in the particular local place.

Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is a method to share, organize, search and manage bookmarks of web resources. You have to save your web page in different social bookmark websites like delicious, digg, rediff etc.

Article Marketing: Article marketing is a type of advertising in which articles are written related to the respective industry. These articles are made available for distribution and publication in the different article promotion sites.

Press Release Submission: PR is a piece of updated information about the website submitted in different PR sites for publicity and branding of website.

Blog Commenting: Searching for related blogs and posting comments on them providing own website URL for reference. Need to post comments on theme related quality blogs. It should be authentic not like spam.

Forum Posting: We discuss on forums in related threads by providing useful information. Adding own website URL in signature, can get more traffic. It is useful method to get quality traffic.

Business Listing: Submitting business in different business listing directory sites for branding and promoting in local business directories.

Classified ad Posting: We can publish ad for our services and products to get the customers to our website.

RSS Feed Submission: To index the website easily and quickly we need to create and submit RSS feed in different RSS feed directories. It is consisting of all updated pages in the website.

Blogging: Blog posts are providing effective contextual links with relevant visitors. Need to update blog post in regular basis to attract more visitor into website implementing interlinking structure within blog posts.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

SEO Marketing And Social Marketing Increases Your Rank

The most popular websites on the Internet are social media sites. There are hundreds of millions of users on these websites and the average user spends a large amount of their time online on these sites. Social media marketing is the completely free 2011 way of building your site's rank and authority in Google.

Use Facebook marketing to increase your ranking

The average Facebook user spends at least 7 hours a month on Facebook. They spend time posting to their walls, replying to emails, talking to friends, and liking Facebook pages. With so many potential customers in one location, you need to join Facebook.

Increase your website's visibility by using Facebook marketing to reach more users. You can do this through a beautifully designed Facebook Fan page or by purchasing a Facebook ad. Both of these methods will help your site get indexed and improve lagging search engine ratings.

Use Flickr and YouTube for social media marketing

A picture really is worth 1,000 words. Some online visitors are not interested in reading articles but are searching for eye pleasing images and pictures. YouTube and Flickr let you use free interactive media to connect with an audience that you would never ordinarily reach.

You can get dual benefits from using these two multimedia sites. Flickr images and Youtube clips rank very well in Google's search engines so you can get an upwards push from the search engine. You can get this increase by putting HTML links in the description area of your image.

Use a network of social media marketing site to target a specific keyword

You can give a lift to a site that is stuck in a search engine site by specifically targeting the keyword using social media marketing. Include a link to your site and your keyword on the following social media sites:

- Facebook
- MySpace
- YouTube
- Twitter
- Squidoo
- Slideshare
- Flickr
- LinkedIn

Targeting one specific keyword using so many powerful social media sites should be enough to help your site vault upward. This works really well for sites that are trying to crack the top 10 of Google.

Use a blog marketing to build your rank on a daily basis

Having an online website is simply not enough anymore. The problem with most online sites is that they have a lot of static pages which means that their content never changes. This actually works against helping to improve your search engine ranks.

Blogs on the other hand are great for SEO marketing. There are millions of blogs online providing up to date content on an hourly basis. Search engines love blogs because they constantly provide search engines with fresh content.

Increasing your website's rank is easier than ever with the rise of social media site. Pairing SEO marketing with social media websites is a winning combination that any Internet marketer can gain from.

Need more help with social media marketing?

Outsource SEO services with social media marketing at SEO Submission 30 Days. Save money and time by hiring a professional SEO company. Discover how to get more customers and brand promotion at SEO is not just link building anymore. It's about promoting your brand and getting more royal customers to buy from you.

SEO marketing service does not cost a fortune anymore. It's only a fraction of conventional marketing cost. Stop wasting money on Pay Per Click and learn how SEO internet marketing strategies can build a positive brand for your business.

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SEO Marketing With Hubpages Increases Your Traffic

A Hubpage is a small online hub where you can post any content that you would like. It's like a one page website that can be connected to millions of other online Hubpages. A hubpage is a useful tool for SEO marketing purposes.

If used properly, a hubpage can boost your business' ranking in Google and operate as a central hub driving traffic to your site.

Create multiple Hubpages for a quick online boost
A new website can gain an online presence very rapidly if a site owner uses Hubpages to help market his business. You can gain a large amount of backlinks that boosts you site's search engine rank position.

It pays to make as many hubs as possible. The more hubs that you create, the better it is for your online site. Creating multiple hubs will give your site the benefit of an increased online influence. All you need is for one or two of these many hubs to gain rank in the search engine for your core website to reap the rewards.

Use a Hubpage for social media marketing
If you want to see a potent SEO marketing strategy, combine the power of Twitter with Hubpages. Post your fresh content on Hubpages instantly and then tweet the link to this Hubpage content via Twitter marketing.

This has a two fold approach. You will get more traffic to your Hubpage which will increase your hub's authority. The more important part is that the Twitter link will be indexed at a much faster rate than the Hubpage alone.

Use a Hubpage to pass on some powerful link juice
One of the good things about Squidoo lenses is that many of them are Do Follow sites. Do Follow sites do provide link juice back to sites that post content and leave comments on them.

If you do an effective job of promoting your Hubpage, your Hubpage will become a powerful source for backlinks. You can turn your Hubpage into a Do Follow site by getting an author score of 75. You can do this by creating great articles, leaving comments on other Hubpages, and becoming a valuable part of the Hubpages community. All of the effort is worth it when your online site is getting backlink from a site with Pagerank of 6.

Use a Hubpage marketing to rank higher for specific keywords
One of the advantages of creating a Hubpage is that your website will appear in the related Hubpages sections of other websites. Related Hubpages displays similar sites that have content that Hubpage readers could benefit from reading.

Related Hubpages will help to:
- Bring in related links for your website
- Bring extra traffic in to your website
- Make your link profile appear a lot more organic to Google

Related Hubpages content is indexed by Google as well.

Now you see all of the advantages that can be gained by creating a few Hubpages. A few well constructed Hubpages can bring in links, traffic, and pass Page Rank to your online site.

Need help with Hubpage Mareting?

Outsource SEO services with Hubpages Marketing at SEO Submission 30 Days. Save money and time by hiring a professional SEO company. Discover the power of link building through Hubpages marketing at SEO is not just link building anymore. It's about promoting your brand and getting more royal customers to buy from you.

SEO marketing service does not cost a fortune anymore. It's only a fraction of conventional marketing cost. Stop wasting money on Pay Per Click and learn how SEO internet marketing strategies can build a positive brand for your business.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

New Rich Snippet in Google - Recipies
Custom Search