Wednesday, February 6, 2008

About Froogle, The Beta Version of Google

Google introduced the beta version of their “Froogle” online shopping search engine, which can help for searching a particular product with suitable description along with the price. It attempts to provide a searchable index of online merchandise catalogs.

Froogle offers searches by 3 different ways:

  1. A directory of products by category
  2. A searchable index of online products
  3. The ability to narrow searches by price range.

The search results are not sorted by price. It displays on the basis of Google’s famous Page Rank system. If you want to surfing for less time froogle gives you the products having clear and enticing descriptions while other seem to be random snippets to the product page.

Since you are providing a data feed to froogle, you can set the price that’s displays on froogle. Doing a good job of building your data feed, with effective product names and descriptions, will certainly bring you more traffic. Once you get them to your store, there are three things you *must* do: close the sale, follow up on the sale, and provide a reason for that visitor to start their shopping excursion at your store next time, instead of Froogle.

Froogle is just a beta test of Google. Google may expand it. Froogle takes no commission and charges merchants nothing, should be a strong incentive for merchants to participate.

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