Thursday, December 13, 2007

Black Hat Technique, the unethical SEO process

Black Hat Technique:

There are two types of seo techniques.i.e white hat and black hat technique. White hat technique means the ethical way of seo technique. I want to tell something about black hat technique.

Black hat technique is one of the unethical ways of SEO Technique. In this process there are various techniques to frowned upon search engines like:

Hidden Text: Hidden text is meant for the text contain in the page has the similar color as website background. This is for attract to search engines but it is not user friendly.

Keyword Stuffing: Unnecessary use of keywords for ranking well in search engines.

Cloaking: At the same URL one page is shown to search engine which is designed well and contains some codes to attract search engines, invisible to users and other is to users which may be severely penalized by search engine.

Doorway Pages: A webpage is particularly designed for ranking well in search engines. After opening this page suddenly it is redirect to another real page.

These are the important methods of black hat techniques which is mainly used for attract to search engines. Search engines may penalize for these methods when it comes to know. So, Be careful for black hat techniques.

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