Thursday, January 28, 2010

Google Analytic IQ

Since the Google Analytics IQ launch, people from all over the world have taken the online course and test. Web analytics is increasingly important to all kinds of organizations. Online retailers, agencies, large consumer brands and non-profits are just a few of the many kinds of organizations that rely on people who are trained in Google Analytics. So, we've decided to raise the bar on what it means to be Google Analytics qualified and increase the minimum passing score from 75% to 80%.

If you're already Google Analytics qualified, but you received a score less than 80%, don't worry. This change doesn't affect your current qualification. But be sure to review the online course when it's time to renew your qualification (18 months after you initially qualified). At that time, you'll be expected to score at least 80%.

For details or to start the course, visit There's a FAQ with details and a link to the Google Analytics IQ test. Best of luck to everyone!

By Alden DeSoto, Google Analytics Team

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